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LS7 checklist 1.0.0

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HIGH LIFT - 50mm to 150mm ( DESIGN CHANGE )

Code LS7 provides for the preparation of designs that may be approved by Registration Authorities for use by other signatories or modifiers. The designs under Code LS7 cover the design of vehicle lifts in excess of 50mm but not more than 150mm.

Code LS7 does not apply to ADR category L-group vehicles and motor cycles.

The following is a summary of the designs that may be prepared under Code LS7:
 Design of modifications that combined result in the vehicle body being raised by more than 50mm but less than 150mm from the original as manufactured height;
 Design of front suspension modifications using different struts or uprights;
 Design of independent rear suspension modifications using different struts, trailing arms or uprights;
 Design of a conversion using a complete suspension assembly from a different vehicle model;
 Design of a complete rear suspension assembly using components from different vehicle model(s); and
 Alternative wheel and tyre specifications for vehicles with modified axles or suspension.

Designs that are not covered under Code LS7 are listed below:
 Design for vehicles originally equipped with ESC that have not been approved by the vehicle manufacturer or proven through testing;
 Certification of the actual physical modification of particular vehicles (this is covered by Code LS8);
 Design for modifications that raise the vehicle body more than 150mm from the original as manufactured height (lifting vehicles beyond 150mm is outside of the scope of VSB 14); and
 Design for modifications that raise the vehicle body more than 50mm from the original as manufactured height on vehicles that have had the wheel track reduced from the as manufactured width. Modifications to these vehicles will only be considered on an individual application basis.

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