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To upload a photo or video click on the gold “Add images or reply” button
The app will then go to the editor,
You must add your name or a funny title into the display name field.
Then select the Add Files button, select Camera to take a shot instantly
Or Files to select previously taken photo's or video's
The options available and their names are dependent on your device.

After the file is uploaded you can add a message if you would like
Then select the gold “Submit Reply” button to post your files.

To resize an image, click on the desired image and the background will go black
Here you can use the arrow buttons to scroll and zoom in by using pinch to zoom
If you click on the image a second time the full high quality image will load
This can now be zoomed in for more detail.

To download an image long press on that image
Then select save.
To download a video click on the menu button for that video
The button is 3 dots stacked ontop of each other
Then select download
This might change slightly between devices

☰ App Instructions
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