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Transport NSW and authorized inspection stations facilitate new registration and registration renewal services for all vehicles and trailers requiring registration in NSW.

Knowing what service you require is the first step.

Pinkslip is for renewing NSW registered vehicles, bikes and trailers under 4.5T, Blueslip is for new NSW registration and change of state, also for change of records and Brownslip is for over 4.5T registration renewal.

There is also a mobile Pinkslip service and Engineering certificates for modified vehicles.

Below you can select on the service you require to obtain more information.

Select registration category

  1. Pinkslip

    AIS - for registration renewal

  2. Mobile Pinkslip

    MPS - Pinkslips mobile

  3. Blueslip

    AUVIS - for new registration

  4. Heavy Vehicle

    HVAIS - registration renewal & new for over 4.5T

  5. Greenslip

    CTP - 3rd party insurance

  6. Engineering Certificate

    VSCCS - Engineering Compliance certificate

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