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Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering

Do you require a Engineering Certificate ?

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Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering offers Engineering VSCCS Certificates and design services for any Automotive project you may be undertaking.

Engineering services are priced at $175 per hour with additional costs for additional testing; Additional test prices vary depending on test requirements.

It is recommended you have a phone consultation before paying anything to see if your certification is possible or needed as many modifications can be made with out the need of a compliance certificate.

The Vehicle Standards Sheet Number 6 prepared by Transport NSW is a guide to modifications requiring certification and can be downloaded at the below link, this sheet specifies what modification do and don't require certification.

Click here to download VSI 6


Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering has developed this website to facilitate customers engaged in engineering certification. All personal information is secure and will not be shared by any persons. The members only section allows for easy access for both customer and Engineer to update and or upload personal information and or pictures to your personal profile pages (This is accessible after Certification Application is complete).

first you need to read the Business agreement below.


Our Business Agreement states that before any compliance work you must agree to the following.

1.    You will declare all modifications to the vehicle and provide any information that is relevant to the compliance process.

2.    That you understand that for a vehicle to be certified it must be compliant to ADR's and it must be possible to prove that it is compliant by documented proof supplied by accepted sources or by Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering.

3.    That you understand that some vehicles or individual modifications to some vehicle can't be certified.

4.    You understand that this is not a free service and all fees need to be paid before completion.

5.    Agree that although different engineers may have different opinions on how or what is compliant Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering holds the final decision .


Step 1

To become an online member/applicant for an Engineering Service provided by Mark Dewhurst Automotive Engineering, start by clicking on the gold " Certification Application " button below, this will open a new window to the store and purchase the $1 Certification Application product.

Be advised this is an introductory price and is subject to change

This application fee is recorded and considered as part payment for the final invoice, and includes access to a secure section of the website and one on one guidance through the certification process if needed. 

Please note that becoming a member through the store is a instant automated process and automatically gives you access to the " VSCCS CERTIFICATES IN PROGRESS " section.

Free signups still need to purchase the Certification Application product to gain access to the VSCCS section.


Step 2

After payment or account set up is completed new sections on the main website page will be viewable,a screenshot can be seen at the bottom of this page showing the secure area outlined in dark blue.

start in the " Information & Forms " folder and read " New Applicants Start Here " or go straight to filling out the Assessment Application.

That can be found on the home page under Welcome Center.

The links in blue wont work until you are a Certification Applicant.

for over the phone payments or if you are having any other problem submitting please call 0438572405 in business hours or start a support request at the below link

Click here to open a support request

Click here to start Store Application Fee

Click this button below to become a Applicant. 




Screenshot of home page after becoming a member and the secure section outlined in blue 



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