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Hold down only the up & down arrow buttons (below the mode button) of the trip computer.
Turn the ignition to ON
After about 3 seconds the service reading will appear
Release the up & down arrows
press the mode button
You'll hear a beep
Hold the up & down arrows again & it should reset
Turn the ignition off.


Have ignition turned off
Hold down the up and down arrows on the trip computer, at the same time turn on the ingnition (no need to start)
The service reset screen will beep and appear after afew seconds.
Release the up and down buttons
Press the set button, it will beep, the screen will tell you that the service reminder is now reset.
Turn off the ignition


hold the bottom two buttons and key on
when it beeps release them
press and hold the top right button until it resets.
there are lots of VZ V6 cars with the instruments incorrectly programmed causing the 10k reminder, take it to the dealer to get the instrument cluster re-programmed.


hold down TRIP and at the same time turn the the KEY to " ON " it should come up on the screen RESET SERVICE. Let go of the trip button and and push and hold the UP and DOWN button on the left side of the steering wheel for 3 - 4 seconds it will bip


Ignition on, press accelerator pedal to the floor 3 - 5 times in super quick succession, then start the car 

Won't work if you press the accelerator slowly or if you turn the ignition off after pressing the pedal.this should be done and car started before gauges have risen to full and returned to start postion

With Push Button Start

Hold Start Stop button down for 10 seconds without press the brake pedal, Press accelerator pedal to the floor three times within five seconds

Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

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